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    We are an organism that promotes and safeguards the human rights of our university’s community. We seek their restitution in case that these have been violated, in attention to the humanistic focus which rules our institution. For this, we fulfill the functions of advising, representing, mediating, conciliating and executing the actions and resources which are highlighted by the University’s law, through procedures which are regulated by principles of gratitude and immediacy, avoiding unnecessary formalisms.


    Following our Institution alignment regarding its international quality and as a socially responsible organism, this defense office takes care of the needs of the university’s community watching for the observance of the legal order, granting its rights, committed to transparency in a sensitive, inclusive and efficient manner. We place our institution at the level of those national and international organisms that seek the protection of fundamental rights.


  • What are they?

    Human rights are inherent rights for all human beings, with no distinction of nationality, place of residence, sex, country or ethnic origin, color, religion, language or any other conditions. We all have the same human rights, without any discrimination.

    These rights are protected by different national and international organisms. Such as the United Nations, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the National Human Rights Commission, The Human Rights Commission of The State of Coahuila de Zaragoza.

    As members of our university, we have rights. On July 14th, 2016, the Honorable University’s Council approved the regulation which created the Defense Office of University Human Rights, in which you can receive information, advice and protection in case of a violation in terms of university human rights.

  • Wich are they?

    • Free expression of your ideas in classrooms and university spaces, always respecting others’ rights.
    • Equality of opportunities.
    • No discrimination.
    • Dignified treatment from our own students, teachers, authorities and in general the whole university’s community.

  • How do I identify a Violation?

    • Academic or sexual harassment
    • Bullying
    • Student Repression
    • Lack of attention to your requests

  • Who could be a victim?

    -Administrative employees
    -In general, the whole university’s community

  • Which activities are performed by the Defense Office?

    -Promoting and watching the fulfilment of the university human rights
    -Advising the university’s community in terms of human rights
    -Receiving and, if necessary, solving complaints
    -Issuing observation or recommendation to officials and university’s authorities
    -Dictate precautionary measurements when considered convenient
    -Conciliating controversies between members of the university’s community
    -Orientation and support in conflicts which are consequence of the actions, omissions or solutions that contravene the law
    -Representation of the members of the university’s community in the undoing of the processes established in the regulation
    -Performing investigation in terms of university human rights
    -Managing collaboration agreements

    -Proposing actions for the prevention of violations to university human rights

    Las Recomendaciones son emitidas cuando la Defensoría determina, en base a consideraciones de hecho y de derecho, que han sido vulnerados los derechos humanos universitarios, y que tal violación no encontró solución durante el procedimiento sustanciado.

    La Defensoría es un Organismo de buena fe, en cuyas resoluciones se atiende a lo dispuesto por la legislación vigente, así como al principio de dignidad humana, justicia, igualdad, legalidad, no discriminación, tolerancia y respeto a los derechos humanos, entre otros; atendiendo en caso de controversia al principio pro persona, para ponderar el interés que proteja un derecho humano.


The recommendations are issued when the Defense Office determines, based upon considerations of fact and right, that university human rights have been infringed, and that such violation did not find a solution during the substantiated process.
The Defense Office is an organism of good faith, in which resolutions are taken care of according to what is determined by the current law, as well as to the principle of human dignity, justice, equality, lawfulness, no discrimination, tolerance and respect for human rights, amongst others; always assisting in case of controversy to the pro-person principle, namely, weighing the interest that protects a human right.