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  • Antiguo Edificio Fac. de Sistemas. González Lobo y Blvd. V. Carranza. C.P. 25280 Saltillo, Coah.

    The Procurement Office has as its mission to provide the best purchase services in an efficient and transparent way, providing quality in the goods, leases and services, taking care of the interests of UAdeC in benefit of the departments, schools, faculties and institutes that are part of it. All of it through a team of trained and well-paid people with professional and moral ethics, obtaining an optimal work environment.


    Reliability and transparency in the total development of the purchasing processes of UAdeC. Online and electronic purchase processes which allow to integrate the functions of the departments that interact in the process through the Armoniza system. To provide the best offer of goods, services and leases for the optimal performance of the Schools, Faculties, Institutes and Departments’ functions.