The Distance Education Office contributes to the fulfillment of the mission, vision and objectives of the university through the offer of formation, refresher or continuous education courses and programs. They are distinguished by its relevance, quality and flexibility and they are based on instructional design, educational technology and information technologies and communications as means to facilitate the access to education to people who, due to geographical, work, social or health reasons, do not have access to conventional education options. This is done through the completion of promotion, formation and refresher activities for the use of technology in the different teaching activities of the university’s academic staff and through the offer of courses or modules of common content with different educational programs as a way to contribute to curricular mobility and flexibility.


    The Distance Education Office has an educational offer which consists of high school and undergraduate courses and programs within the online distance modality. They are based on the development of virtual environments which proper, in the participant, the management of their own learning, interaction and collaborative work. They are also accessible for people who are residents in the state of Coahuila, in the rest of the country and abroad. It has academic-administrative guidelines which are adequate to this modality and which regulate the admission, permanence, completion and certification of its students and participants. It has an adequate organizational structure and it counts on a competent academic, professional and technical staff which is necessary to perform its functions. It also has academic, technical and methodological guidelines which regulate the design and provision of courses under the distance modality as well as for the production of resources and learning objects. In the same way, it has academic-administrative guidelines which regulate the admission, permanence and promotion of its academic and technical staff. It promotes, among the academic community, the use of resources and learning objects which are available in its own repositories or in free-access repositories from other education institutions.