Ing. Salvador Hernández Vélez.
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  • Blvd. V. Carranza s/n esq. con González Lobo.
    Col. República Ote. C.P. 25280. Saltillo, Coahuila.

    We are a public Institution which offers relevant and quality secondary and higher education, where the knowledge of science, technology and humanities is generated, disseminated, preserved and applied.

    We promote, with a humanistic focus, the universal values which are associated with sciences, art and sports, providing our students with a comprehensive formation.

    We link teaching, research and culture with the public, private and social sectors, by contributing to sustainability with a global and equality focus.

  • 2023 VISION

    UAdeC is an Institution of international quality, socially responsible and committed to sustainability, whose students stand out for their academic, moral, cultural and sports formation. Its graduates preserve the sense of institutional belonging and are highly competitive and capable of integrating successfully into the global environment.

    It responds to the changing needs of the productive and social sectors through a wide educational offer, which is pertinent, innovative and flexible; supported by professors and researchers with an ideal profile who are distinguished by being highly productive and organized in Academic Bodies which are linked to development through national and international research networks.

    Its regulations, infrastructure and management processes support its substantive activities in an effective, efficient and transparent way.


    The University reaffirms its educational, formative and management institutional tasks, sustained by the values and virtues which give it a social sense through its community: justice, freedom, responsibility, commitment, honesty, solidarity, respect, tolerance and dialogue.

    The daily work of UAdeC and its contribution to the development of our society is largely supported by three strongholds which have firmly taken root as our distinctive traits: equality, quality and sustainability.


    To offer secondary and higher education services; scientific, technological and humanistic research; linking services with the public, social and private sectors; and cultural promotion services.

    To be an institution committed to knowledge as a competitiveness factor, with the new technologies applied to learning, linking, the formation of citizens for democracy, and with the acceleration of our comprehensive and sustainable development.

    To be a vigorous leverage for the development of social and human capital in the state of Coahuila with the objective of confronting the challenges of our development and of the globalization and its impact. To search permanently for the relevance of its services, quality assurance, continuous improvement, efficiency, full respect to legality and transparency as well as the utilization of a broad-coverage and equality policy.



The 2016-2019 Institutional Development Plan (PDI by its initials in Spanish) of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (UAdeC) is a product which stems from the wide collaborative reflection of the university community about its current situation, the future it desires and the means to reach it.

The immediate precedent of PDI is a work plan organized in six strategic axes, which I proposed to students, professors and researchers at the time.

As members of the university, we aim to achieve a formation of high quality with relevance and equality through updated plans and study programs, cutting-edge technology and adequate infrastructure which ensure the learning process of all our students.

Having a quality academic staff is one of the unavoidable requirements to offer a good education. On this axis, we firmly intend to improve the disciplinary and teaching formation of our professors, to consolidate the academic bodies and to develop research projects which contribute to the progress of science and technology in order to deal with the main problems of our state and country.

The Institutional Development Plan establishes the strategies to achieve the active participation of UAdeC in a globalized world. We will impulse the mobility of students, professors and researchers; we will expand the cooperation with education institutions in other countries and we will improve the teaching-learning processes of the English language.

During the 2016-2019 period, we want to strengthen the linking of the university with its environment through projects which contribute to solve the social problems of the state, ease the employability of our graduates and support the comprehensive formation of the students.

The Institutional Development Plan considers both culture and sports as important elements for the comprehensive formation of students.

We will support the wide participation of the university community in cultural and sports activities and we will promote the different art and culture expressions among the state community.

Having an efficient management and administration as well as transparency and accountability are the columns which will support the conduct of our university during this period.

The Institutional Development Plan establishes the path which we will follow to undertake both internal and external challenges, accomplish our mission and move on to the vision of the University.