We are a public Institution which offers relevant and quality secondary and higher education, where the knowledge of science, technology and humanities is generated, disseminated, preserved and applied.

We promote, with a humanistic focus, the universal values which are associated with sciences, art and sports, providing our students with a comprehensive formation.

We link teaching, research and culture with the public, private and social sectors, by contributing to sustainability with a global and equality focus.


UAdeC is an Institution of international quality, socially responsible and committed to sustainability, whose students stand out for their academic, moral, cultural and sports formation. Its graduates preserve the sense of institutional belonging and are highly competitive and capable of integrating successfully into the global environment.

It responds to the changing needs of the productive and social sectors through a wide educational offer, which is pertinent, innovative and flexible; supported by professors and researchers with an ideal profile who are distinguished by being highly productive and organized in Academic Bodies which are linked to development through national and international research networks.

Its regulations, infrastructure and management processes support its substantive activities in an effective, efficient and transparent way.


The University reaffirms its educational, formative and management institutional tasks, sustained by the values and virtues which give it a social sense through its community: justice, freedom, responsibility, commitment, honesty, solidarity, respect, tolerance and dialogue.

The daily work of UAdeC and its contribution to the development of our society is largely supported by three strongholds which have firmly taken root as our distinctive traits: equality, quality and sustainability.


  • At the top, two vert bay leaf garlands are extended under books, tied by a silver and gules lace.
  • Over the axis, in the fashion of a pediment, a gules strip appears with the legend: UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA DE COAHUILA.
  • As the base of the shield, an “asleep” sable eagle can be found, sustaining in its powerful claws the motto of the university with a gold lace.
  • Shape of the shield: Spanish, masculine, traditional of states, kingdoms and sovereign institutions.
  • Field: simple, because it only has one tincture on which the coat of arms of the university appears.
  • Tinctures: gold, silver, blue, gules (red), vert (green), sable (black).
  • The heraldic tradition pointed the next the moral attributes symbolized by these colors and tinctures:
  • Gold means perseverance, faith and pureness, among others; those who have it on their shield are compelled to do good and to defend their nation “fighting for it until they have spilled the last drop of their blood”.
  • Silver mandates to protect the weak and symbolizes pureness.
  • Gules talks about value, boldness and fearlessness; those who wear it are forced to help the unfairly oppressed.
  • Blue is the symbol of serenity, beauty and majesty, and those who have it on their shield are entrusted to assist the faithful servants of princes, which for us means to serve the Republic.
  • Vert symbolizes freedom, hope and abundance; and compels those who use it to help the oppressed and the unprotected.
  • And finally, the sable of the eagle which sustains the shield is the emblem of science.

University around the Estate