North Unit


Lic. José Luis Balderas Herrera


    We are a public institution which offers relevant and quality secondary and higher education, where the knowledge of science, technology and humanities is generated, disseminated, preserved and applied. We promote, with a humanistic focus, the universal values which are associated with sciences, art and sports, providing our students with a comprehensive formation.

    We link teaching, research and culture with the public, private and social sectors, by contributing to sustainability with a global and equality focus.


    The “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” High School from Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila

    UA de C is an institution of international quality, socially responsible and committed to sustainability, whose students stand out for their academic, moral, cultural and sports formation. Its graduates preserve the sense of institutional belonging and are highly competitive and capable of integrating successfully into the global environment. It responds to the changing needs of the productive and social sectors through a wide educational offer, which is pertinent, innovative and flexible; supported by professors and researchers with an ideal profile. Its regulations, infrastructure and management processes support its substantive activities in an effective, efficient and transparent way.


    • To offer relevant and quality secondary education.
    • To promote, preserve and apply the knowledge of science, technology and humanities.
    • To foster the universal values associated with science, art and sports.
    • To contribute to sustainable development, linking teaching, research and culture with the public sector.


    • Justice
    • Freedom
    • Commitment
    • Responsibility
    • Honesty
    • Solidarity
    • Respect
    • Tolerance and dialogue


    The “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” High School from Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila is a public institution of secondary education, founded in Ciudad Acuña in January, 2012.

    It was established with the objective of meeting the demand of secondary public education in the education system. Currently, it has four General High School groups and it belongs to the National System of High Schools.

    The academic activities of the “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” High School started in January, 2012 with 30 students. This first generation graduated in December, 2013.

    Currently, the school is integrated by 143 students who come from the middle schools and private schools of the community, 9 teachers and its principal, Lic. José Luis Balderas Herrera.

    The community of the “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” High School is progressing in the achievement of its goals. Our students show great enthusiasm and responsibility to study: school dropouts and failure have diminished; our teachers update their knowledge permanently and they share experiences and evaluate programmatic progress in academy meetings; the management staff endeavors to accomplish its mission successfully.

    We would like to express our recognition and our appreciation to each and every person who believed in this education project.

    These times should be times of commitment and dedication to our occupations in order to continue forming the leaders which our nation requires; today more than ever, Mexicans should be united around the ideals which have made our nation free and strong. The “Antonio Gutiérrez Garza” High School is always committed with our society.

    “En el Bien Fincamos el Saber”.