To be the link between the female members of the university’s community and the different public and private institutions which benefit the comprehensive development of women and which promote their empowerment.


    To reach a total coverage in the units that belong to Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, succeeding in the strengthening, the protection and the promotion of the university’s women.


    To promote the participation of women and men within the university’s community, through studies and research, entrepreneurial projects, services and activities for the development and participation of all the women at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. In order to achieve the previously mentioned points, we will work together with the different instances of the three government powers and the civil society.


      • Legal Advice
      • Psychological advice
      • Medical care
      • Daycare in support of university women.
      • Promoting prevention and attention actions regarding every way of violence towards women.
      • Increasing the preventive and attention actions for sexual transmission diseases with the support of campaigns and actions both for women and men, granting a real access to the necessary services.
      • Focusing and increasing actions for an effective attention and prevention of pregnancy.
      • Free and massive distribution of contraceptive methods, accompanied by informative campaigns.
      • Impulse campaigns and workshops in schools and faculties which promote equality and prevent violence.
      • Creation of spaces for the integration of parents into the university.
      • Promoting a culture of care towards the environment through the education on: the 4 R´s: recycle, reuse, repair and regulate. Responsible consumption, water care, and instill and teach necessary skills.