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    Colonia República Oriente.
    C.P. 25280. Saltillo, Coahuila.

    To incorporate the international dimension in the academic and administrative processes of the university, to promote interculturality, to coordinate and administrate the institutional efforts of academic cooperation, exchange and mobility scholarships as well as to assist in the teaching of foreign languages.


    To be the institution which helps improve the academic quality of teaching, research and extension through the development of characteristics of international performance in our students and in the academic and administrative staff. To support in the recognition of international study programs and to maintain a leadership position in the academic relationship with international institutions.


    • To build an international network which offers students the ease to interact with other countries through international mobility programs.
    • To develop cooperation agreements with international institutions in order to place our university within an academic level of excellence.
    • To promote the participation of our scholars in international experiences.
    • To promote the academic stay of foreign students in our university.
    • To enrich our teaching and learning processes through the stay of visiting scholars.


    Through the international relations office, UA de C is responsible for promoting the international mobility of both scholars and students, as well as to manage cooperation agreements with other educational and scientific institutions of high quality – Furthermore, it seeks to accredit its academic programs internationally. We provide advice and information at every moment to our students and teachers who desire to go abroad as well as to the visitors of other institutions in the world who desire to have or who are currently taking part in an academic stay at our university. We promote the study of a second language as a tool for professional growth.



    • Allocating students in foreign universities for academic stays.
    • Receiving foreign students to take part in academic stays at the university.
    • Several massive events were organized in order to create awareness about the importance of international mobility.
    • We have signed agreements with prestigious universities of higher education around the world.
    • Short and semester stays of teachers abroad and foreign visiting teachers at the faculties of UA de C.
    • Participation of scholars in research forums in the United States.
    • Successful participation of high schools in the program “Youth in Action” which took place in the United Sates.


    • Academic Exchange.
    • Signing of agreements.
    • Consular advice services.