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    To generate and maintain harmonious, reliable, fluent and effective relations between Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila and the different external, public and private entities of the general community, as well as inside of our own University’s community, aiming to project a favorable image which collaborates in the achievement of its objectives.


    To be perceived and recognized at a state, national and international level as a coordination office which creates adequate channels that allow it to relate to others, both internally and externally, in a harmonious manner in those scenarios.


    To maintain in optimal conditions the ties and internal and external contact channels that give the University harmonious, reliable and transparent relations with the social environment and the university’s community.

    To establish and maintain the new interinstitutional relations that are required to ease the interaction and better understanding between the University and the new change actors that will rise in the social environment.

    To perform the internal work of the Public Relations Office with efficiency, responsibility, honesty, kindness and a spirit of service. To promote and maintain, with our example, the good institutional image of the University, its leaders and all its members.