Due to the need to adopt a common language in the management of administrative and financial information, in the year 1996, the Sub-secretariat of Higher Education and Scientific Research from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP by its initials in Spanish) initiated a project of national scope whose objective was to normalize and standardize the administrative information systems of the institutions of higher education.


    The fundamental purpose of the Integral System of Administrative Information (SIIA by its initials in Spanish) is to organize the flow of information which, in an integral way, allows an efficient and reliable administration of the human, financial and school control resources, so that the data can be obtained on time and with quality in order to make better decisions at the different hierarchical levels of the institution.


    • To have a unique and comprehensive administrative information system.
    • To adopt the principles and criteria of the accounting of funds.
    • To generate reliable and timely information.
    • To generate information for decision-making processes.
    • To present financial statements under a holistic approach, nationally standardized and compatible with international standards.
    • To have a system which contributes to the modernization and efficiency of the administrative processes and structures of the institution.


    The ISAI (SIIA by its initials in Spanish) was created with an integral focus. In other words, each one of the modules becomes part of a whole which can exist independently from each other, but which together constitute an optimal system of information..

    Below, we mention the modules and sub-systems which are part of the ISAI:

    Budgets Admissions Selection and training
    Accounting Enrolment Professor staff
    Procurements Kardex Payroll
    Property Management Certification Labor benefits
    Storehouses Payments to social security institutions.


    The ISAI (SIIA in Spanish) is considered to be a transactional (operational) system, which provides service to around 300 simultaneous users (500 registered) online throughout the state with unlimited access via web. Around 30.000 queries of results and account statements are carried out by students in periods of reentry enrolment and new enrolment.

    The control of the servers, programs and database is located in the city of Saltillo, which is connected through the network to its facilities in Torreón, Monclova and Parras de la Fuente. From the link of Monclova; Acuña, Piedras Negras, Allende and Nueva Rosita get connected. From the link of Torreón, San Pedro gets connected.

    Through the university network, each cost center can carry out processes related to expenses, income, budgets, the professor staff, etc., feeding the information for the integration of the administrative processes.

    In addition, there are other modules of information consultation via Internet/Intranet which allow to visualize information about our students, the calculation of ISPT, financial statements and manuals of operation.


The personal data that you voluntarily provide to this Maximum Institution of Studies in electronic or personal form, will be collected, protected, incorporated and treated in the personal data system of Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, located at Boulevard Venustiano Carranza (without number), based on the law of Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data for the state of Coahuila de Zaragoza.
It must be taken into consideration that personal data should be understood as any numerical, alphabetical, graphical, photographic, acoustic or other information concerning a person, identified or identifiable.
In the understanding that the person in charge of the system of your personal data is the authority that collects them, they will be used only and exclusively for the own purposes of each one of the university units that make up this institution. Likewise, such personal data may be provided only to the authority which accredits it to have the power to do so.
In case of refusal to provide the personal data required by the authority and/or official, this will interrupt indefinitely the process and/or procedure to be carried out in this university.
The authenticity and updating of the data provided is the responsibility of both you and the authority that collects them.
However, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of your personal data, in person, before the Linking Unit of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data or with the corresponding institution.
Finally, for any change with respect to this notice of privacy, this university reserves the right to make any changes or updates to this notice at any time and commits to informing you, in a timely manner, through the adequate means, such as the university’s Transparency portal.




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