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  • Antiguo Edificio de la Fac. de Sistemas. González Lobo y Blvd. V. Carranza s/n.
    C.P. 25280. Saltillo, Coahuila.

    To be a strategic axis between the University’s community and the different sectors, which strengthens the students’ formation, the region’s competitiveness and development.


    To provide a pertinent answer to social problems through the comprehensive and quality formation of students, teachers and researchers; the generation of knowledge and the technological services.



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    The Graduate Monitoring Program of UAdeC allows us to be in touch with our graduates to offer them great commercial, sports and academic benefits so as to strengthen their competitiveness and to receive feedback from them as a university. In this way, we can have better educational plans and programs.

    By signing into the Graduate Monitoring Program, a membership card will be issued with which the following benefits will be obtained:

    • Immediate access to a job bank.
    • Discounts in postgraduate studies (courses or tuition).
    • Use of the University’s premises.
    • Commercial discounts at different stores.
    • Discounts for workshops, conferences and cultural activities.


    It is one of the benefits of being subscribed to the Graduate Monitoring Program, which allows companies and graduates to have a quick direct flow to job offers and updated résumés, strengthening the link that exists between the university and the productive sector, offering better job opportunities to our graduates.


    • Traffic of job offers in over 6000 companies located nationwide.
    • Receiving exclusive job offers.
    • Direct contact with employers.
    • Immediate access to your résumé for employers registered in our job bank.
    • Direct communication via email about job offers, according to the profile required by the employer.


    Do you want to make your business grow? Join the sponsors of the Ex-UAdeC card and you will obtain the following benefits:

    • Free advertising on the Graduate Monitoring Program advertisement material.
    • Free advertisement in social networks, printed media, events, official website, and e-mail and banner design.
    • Advertisement delivered at the Graduate Monitoring Program information modules.
    • Potential market of 50,000 UAdeC’s graduates.
    • Advertisement flyer design.
    • Potential market of 2,500 graduates per semester.

    To be part of the list of sponsors of the Ex-UAdeC’s card, please send an e-mail to, letting us know about your interest in becoming part of our sponsors.


    It has as its objective to promote and support the development of continuous education projects such as classes, workshops, seminars and certifications, for the update of its graduates and the general public, based on the institutional quality standards and with the support of information technologies.

    It offers the schools, faculties and departments:

    • Advice for the formation of professional update and training projects based on the University’s Continuous Education Program (PRODUEC by its initials in Spanish).
    • Association for the training projects (classes, workshops, seminars and certifications) to the University’s Continuous Education Program (PRODUEC).
    • Support in the promotion of projects registered at PRODUEC through information technologies.
    • Orientation to establish certifications with option to degree at schools and faculties in order to support the increase the rate of degree attainment.



    The UAdeC’s linking actions should be protected by the figurehead of the specific and general agreements that are managed at the Area of Agreements, whose purpose is: to promote a systematized scheme of management of official documents which represent the legal framework of the university’s relations with the exterior.

    In this area, we create and manage the general agreements, specific for the provision of services, for professional practice, for student mobility and for the exchange of professors and researchers.


    Promoting alliances with the public, private and social sectors, which allow to strengthen a sustainability and equality culture within the university.

    Through this, it participates actively in the logistic of the Gustavo Aguirre Benavides Cathedra (GAB) every semester, in collaboration with the Environment Secretariat (SEMA by its initials in Spanish) and CANACINTRA Coahuila southeast. It also participates in the Southeast Coahuila Linking Council as part of the Committee of Values and Promotion, where, among other activities, the objectives and activities of the committees which integrate the Linking Council are promoted. This is the case of the “Linking Award”, which is annual, as well as megatrends.


    The general objective is to evaluate the performance skills of people with disabilities in order to promote employment inclusion at the companies of the region. This is done in collaboration with the Employment Secretariat, in specific with the program “Opening Spaces”.

    Using the International VALPAR Computer System.


    The SEMINAR UNITS have as their objective to provide a quality service to all those people interested in the lease of auditoriums for the development of events, such as conferences, forums, symposiums, workshops and classes, amongst others.

    These SEMINAR UNITS provide service opportunities for both INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL USERS, either public or private, at competitive costs.

    The rooms that depend on the Linking Office are:


    Campus Poniente. Av. Dra. Cuquita Cepeda de Dávila s/n. Col. Adolfo López Mateos.


    Camporredondo Edificio “H”. Planta alta.


    Esquina de Murguía y Madero. Planta alta.


    • Agreement Management.
    • Preregister of Graduates (DES).
    • Graduate Card.
    • Management of commercial, educational and cultural discounts.
    • Register of establishments for the Ex-UAdeC’s sponsors program.
    • Evaluation of skills, attitudes, aptitudes and temperament for people with disabilities.
    • Linking Award.
    • Register of training projects for the University’s Continuous Education Program (External/Internal).
    • Register of Companies or Institutions for the Job Bank.
    • Register of Job Offers for the Job Bank.
    • Uploading of résumés to the Job Bank.
    • Recruitment Sessions.
    • Job Fairs.
    • Lease of Rooms.