M.C. Jesús Octavio Pimentel Martínez


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    We are the department of UAdeC in charge of performing the academic management processes for the entry (admissions and enrollment), permanence (academic control, infocenters, scholarships and mentorship) and graduation (certifications and degree) of our high school, undergraduate and graduate students. We seek to ensure the relevance and quality of our education programs (curricular reforms, libraries, curricular English), through which the knowledge of science, technology and humanities is generated, disseminated, preserved and applied with a global focus. We promote, through the formation and development of teachers and with a humanistic and constructivist focus, the universal values associated with sciences, art and sports, which have impact on the comprehensive formation of our students. We support the linking of teaching, research, and culture with the public, private and social sectors, contributing to sustainability with a global and equality focus.


    The Academic Affairs Office is a department of innovative, flexible, pertinent, dynamic and integral academic management which encourages the application of an Education Model centered on the student in all the activities of the university life. It tracks the development of students from their admission until their graduation in a systematic manner, facilitating means for the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values as part of their academic and professional formation. It promotes the development of the university professors towards the highest academic and pedagogical level. It also boosts the generation of effective learning environments, the use of Information Technologies and Communications and the utilization of support services which ease the learning-teaching processes.